Gruppo Storico Città di Corinaldo "Combusta Revixi"

Gruppo Storico Città di Corinaldo "Combusta Revixi"

Arcieri, Chiarine, Sbandieratori e Tamburi

Largo XVII settembre 1860, n.5 - c.a.p. 60013 - Corinaldo (AN) Italy


Cell.: 339-5856116


English Translation

We are the Historical Group "Combusta Revixi" of Corinaldo city (AN) composed by archers, clarions, flag flyers and drums. We are performing from over thirty years around Italy and the whole Europe during medieval or Renaissance commemorations and some other important events.

We are making shows to parade or to perform in squares and we are always very focused on the organisator's needs. Moreover we are arranging shows that we call "narrative" able to tell legends and myths using pyrotechnics, trompe-l'oeil and impressive sceneries. All this is entirely made by our equipment and fitting.

We kindly suggest you to contact us to ask for an estimate or simply to have some information more via our e-mail adress:, or by calling us to these numbers: +39 331-3746724 or +39 339-5856116. Last but not the least you can visit our website

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